Trent’s Trick Upholstery

World famous Hot Rod and Custom Car Upholstery genius Trent VanArsdalen contacted us to build his web site to highlight his customer projects.  Trent’s staff is dedicated to upholstery and wanted us to build his shop a web site and maintain it as new customers came in and out the door.  The concept is pretty easy. Trent knocks out the top notch upholstery and sends us the photos to update his customer files.

For this project we chose a joomla. Joomla software allowed us the option to have a manageable control panels, little code work and the ability to have a super cool slide show on the front page.

A site like this from start to finish including template graphic design runs about $8500 plus updating fees of about $100 per update.

Trent s Trick Upholstery Web Site

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