Automotive E Commerce Network

Gauge Media Group Inc. Automotive E Commerce Network is a network of Automotive enthusiast sites that distributes top of the line aftermarket accessories for wholesale resale and retail buyers. .

Our network is set up of Several key automotive sites.  Click on the logo below to visit each of these automotive sites.

gauge_store_wholesale-and-supplyGauge Store was our first eCommerce web site dedicated to Air Suspension, Custom Wheels and Tires, Suicide Doors and everything in between.  When we started Gauge Store in 2001 there was a huge misconception of internet advertising and we were getting very limited support from manufactures and mail order companies with our online media. We decided to show these companies how strong the internet and started a full online store selling only the highest quality products. Our Goal from day one was top notch customer service and only selling high quality manufactured parts.   Today Gauge Store processes over 1000 orders weekly and has thousands and thousands of happy wholesale and retail customers world wide. Needing something for your hot rod, low rider, mini truck or 4×4.. Feel free to give us a call at 317-856-1810 or visit our online store at 


Adaptit USA was our 2nd venture into the world of eCommerce. The wheel adapter industry is full of hacks and aftermarket junk wheel adapters and spacers that are fail on a daily basis. Our goal when we started Adaptit USA was simple..  We will hand build each and every set of adapters right here in the USA. We only sell to guarantee fit and top quality product. Wheel adapters are very safe when they are manufactured correctly.  Since 2002 we have sold over 100,000 adapters and have never had one come back or cause injury to a person or vehicle.   Our highly trained staff knows what will work and what will not work when it comes to wheel adapters and spacers.  So if you need wheel adapters to make your old wheels fit your new vehicle just give us a call and let us walk you though every step of the process.. <<DO NOT BUY CHEAP OVERSEAS WHEEL ADAPTERS OR SPACERS>>   317-856-1810

drag_blocksDrag is an eCommerce site dedicated to our manufactured drag blocks.  “Dragging” is a very popular part of the Air Suspension community. In 2013 we discovered that many guys were using cheap product or even trailer balls to try to make their vehicles throw big sparks.. Like most of our products safety is our main concern. So we got together with our manufactures and came up with a bolt on solution that would offer hardware strong enough to withstand the meeting of the concrete with a steel block. Along with strong top of the line hardware we wanted to have an option to be able to replace a block easily and not kill your wallet.  Our custom drag block kits have a easy swap out block so you can swap the block and go back to throwing sparks from your ride. order today or 317-856-1810

wheel_tubWheel is an eCommerce web site dedicated to custom made wheel tubs. Throughout the years we have discovered that standard wheel tubs just do not work in a real world custom vehicle build.  So we decided to start manufacturing wheel tubs to fit the needs of anyone needing a wheel tub for their custom vehicle. These work great for the race car industry, Low Riders, mini trucks, sport trucks, hot rods etc.  As with all of our custom made product we only offer the best quality material and work with you one on one to deliver exactly what you need.  call us today if you are in need of custom wheel tubs.  or 317-856-1810

vw_airrideVW Air is an eCommerce web site for only Volkswagen air suspension.  Air suspension has become almost mandatory on any custom VW car in the custom world. Our staff is educated and most of our staff drives bagged VW cars every day of the week.  This site is geared toward just the VW guys but don’t worry if you need help with air suspension we are here to help you with any car application. 317-856-1810

buy_air_suspensionBuy Air is an eCommerce site dedicated to just buying air suspension for all vehicle types. We have found with some of the larger web sites that offer everything under the planet it is easy to get lost trying to find exactly what you want. Our goal with buy air is to make the air suspension buying process easy and stream lined for everyone from beginner to pro air ride installers and buyers.  Have no worries if you are still needing help we are here to help.  317-856-1810

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