Gauge Magazine November 2021 Issue

Its time for the Gauge Magazine November 2021 Issue!  We always have our issues packed with event coverage, feature rides, and HOT girls!  Lets start off our cruise with our feature rides.  First up, we have a 2009 Honda Civic Si owned by Josh Ralston.  We can promise you have not seen an Si like this one!  We also have a 1999 Chevy Silverado owned by Lee Pittman.  There is a good reason why the owner named it “Hollywood”!  Next is event coverage.  First we have Custom Car Revival 2021.  Known as one of the truest traditional car shows still around, you’ll have to see why we make sure to attend each year!  We also have Kostly Obsessions 5th Season Opener.  This show is one that has a great and wholesome meaning behind it and we know you’ll love it.  Next is Formula Drift Round 1 Atlanta.  The drivers were ready and so were the fans after being away for a year!  Lastly for event coverage, we have the 10th Annual Friends in Low Places Car, Truck, and Bike Show.  Bringing vehicles from all around the US, you know you need to add this show your calendar! Last but never least, our BEAUTIFUL Gauge Girl for November 2021 is Alee D.  Check out her personal photoshoot and interview NOW! 

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