Gauge Magazine November 2020

The Gauge Magazine November 2020 issue is here!  The weather may be turning cold but this issue is HOT!  Starting off with our event coverage, first up we have Camp-N-Drag 2020.  If you have never attended this show, you’ll want to make sure you do because it is unlike any other!  Next we have 5th Annual Bumpers for Boobies.  This event brought out around 400 vehicles that all came in to support an amazing cause and raise awareness for Breast Cancer!  Lastly, we have Beatersville 2020.  COVID-19 may have caused some changes for the event but don’t worry, this was still an AMAZING show full of sick rides!  Cruising on over to our feature rides, first up we have a 1935 Buick Limo Series 5.0 owned by Keith Goggin.  Between the beautiful exterior and the custom sick interior, we know you won’t want to miss this feature!  We also have a 1970 VW Volksrod owned by Jorgebug.  If you are a lover of Volksrod, take a seat because this ride is going to blow your mind!  We also have a 1951 Chevy 3100 owned by Jimmy Soots that you won’t want to miss out on! Last but never least we have our Gauge Girl for November 2020 Alaina Justice! We also have a Nicks Body Shop for November 2020, the HOT Megan Bryant!

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