Gauge Magazine July 2022 SLAMOLOGY Issue

Its officially time for the Gauge Magazine July 2022 SLAMOLOGY Issue!  This issue is strictly ALL Slamology coverage.  You can see the Slamology 2022 Cars bringing in the lowest and sickest custom cars from around the US.  Slamology 2022 Trucks which stole the show this year with AMAZING custom paint and graphics.  The Slamology 2022 Hydraulics were a huge hit as always.  Seeing the vehicles hop and dance is one for the books!  The Slamology 2022 Bikini Contest is one that every participants runs to, just to make sure they get a good spot for the show.  Slamology 2022 Music Festival brought in the hottest local artist, filling the event with sick beats! 

Slamology 2022 Semis were jaw dropping, these million dollar rigs are no joke! Slamology 2022 Limbo Contest is all fun and games, but those who take home the awards are the ones with real game!   Slamology 2022 Other Rides continue to be one of our favorite coverages, we never know what our participants will bring in! The Slamology 2022 Tattoo Contest brings in people from all over the US who came to not only show off their ride, but their body art as well! The Slamology 2022 Audio Competition was so loud, they were heard from two towns over! Lastly, the Slamology 2022 Awards close our event, but it allows us all to come together to give awards to the rides that were nothing less than amazing! 

For our features rides we have a 1991 Geo Storm owned by Kevin and Kimberly Johnson.  You will not want to miss out on the story behind this Geo!  Next is their sons vehicle, a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon owned by Kynon Johnson!  We know you will appreciate this Volkswagen!  Lastly for feature rides, we have a 2001 Chevy S10 owned by Mike Howard! Last but never least, we have our HOT Gauge Girl Mack Taylor!  Check out her interview and personal photoshoot here at Gauge Magazine! 

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