July 2017 Gauge Magazine

july-2017-coverGauge Magazine July 2017 issue has got loads of Slamology coverage from this years show! Starting first with features we start with the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am owned by Dennis and Nancy Sullivan, with a custom ride like this you’ll want to see it! Next is a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am owned by Robina Caulder. This sick Trans Am is one for the books! Our last feature is a 2014 Cadillac CTS-V owned by Scottie Johnson. With this vehicle being a project ride for XS Power, don’t miss seeing the hard work they put into this Caddy! Next we head on over to our coverage of Slamology. This year was a huge turnout with over 1500 vehicles coming around! Starting with the Cars of Slamology, we had many unique and out of this world cars come in, check it out and see which ride catches your eye! We also had some of the baddest trucks around come out to our show, competition between the cars and the trucks was a close call! Check it out for yourself and see who had the best ride this year. This year we added Semis to our lineup, ATSC Semis came from all over the United States just for you to check out. Our Music Festival is next, we had local bands come out and play some of the hottest hits making the crowd go wild. At Slamology our Audio contest was a huge hit this year. Vehicles from all around come to show off the amazing build to compete in who had the best and loudest audio, check out who won this year! Next we head over to our Bikini Contest where we had some of the finest ladies come out and show off what they got, this is one coverage you sure don’t want to miss out on. Tattoo Contest comes up next, with people coming from all around the United States to show off some of the best (and worst) tattoos that they have, competing for one of the many awards that we have! Next we have the Limbo contest, where cars, trucks, and contraptions work to compete to see whose ride can go the lowest before hitting the limbo stick. Come and check out who won this year! Lastly we head over to awards. Awards were given to those who had the best car, truck, and many more, check out to see all of our winners! Our Gauge Girl is one to sure catch your eye! Make sure to check out our interview and get an up close and personal look with Miss Gauge Girl July!