August 2017 Gauge Magazine Issue

August 2017 Cover0 Ford Starliner owned by Gerald Feigli. Then we head over to a 1998 Ford Ranger owned by Matt Dowd. Our feature rides this month are out of this world, you don’t want to miss out on this! Next we cruise on over to our show coverage. Our first show we have is the Route 66 Car Show. This show is one that you have to attend if you are into some unique, older rides. Next we get to Getting It All Together show. People came around from all around the US to attend this lowrider show. Make sure to check out the coverage to see the famous flame throwing competition! Ducktail Run is next with bringing in the older rides that have been decked out with some of the newer things. This show is one that many people attend to see what people do to the older rides to make them completely unique. Lastly, we get to Volktoberfest. This show is made for the import vehicles, mostly volkswagen, that have been decked out and worked on to be the one ride that sticks out from the crowd. This show coverage is one of a kind but all of the coverages will make you feel like you are right there! We cruise back over to our Gauge Girl for August 2017, Morgan Joyce. Make sure to stop and check out the up close pictures and interview that we got with her! This month we also have Kat Livingston for our Nicks Body Shop, check out her interview and her military-style photoshoot!