Air Powered Train Horns available for all vehicles

With the increase in train horns and the unmistakable sound of their ear-blasting decibels. This breathtaking trend of horn blasting has been known to interrupt pacemakers. If you haven’t had a truck train horn break wind next to you sending you into instant decibel shock, consider yourself fortunate. Train horn blasts have been measured as high as 156 decibels!

With this new trend you know we had to add this to our already great on board air goodies. now available at Gauge Store are air powered train horns for all vehicles. We have several models and available in all sizes and in chrome or black.  Check them all out at this link!

Manufactures offered are Outlaw, Horn Blasters, Omega, Physco Blaster, Nathan and more!  1 bell tug horn  to 5 bell train horns are available!

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